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Take a trip to the music store

Books and materials for musicians!

Though we provide books to keep lessons lively and informative, traveling out to your local music store is a great way to find other music  for your student (or yourself) that you might want to play. Music stores are usually arranged by category and instrument.  They also carry accessories for most school instruments, from valve oil to cleaning kits, music stands, mouthpieces and little things for holidays and gifts for friends.

Though I like shopping on line and yes Amazon does carry some music/accessories and some music stores use this service, shopping at your local store helps build community and interest in music. Supporting your local music store helps the store stock what you need and lets face it all people need a break from the computer and shopping for music keeps is great way to enter the music world first hand. 

Thank you parents for supporting your musicians. Thank you musicians for pursuing deepening your musical knowledge and increasing your skills here at Duncan Havel Studios. Together we keep music in house, on stage and on the radio.  Self -made music really livens up the tough times we all face as we progress on the earth.

Play every day! Loud and clear with positive intentions!

Play On~

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