Duncan Havel Studios - Slide Show - Kent, WA
Duncan Havel Studios - Piano lessons
This is Medicine Man. He enjoys piano lessons at Duncan Havel Studios and Private lessons with a little bit of theory and ensemble classes! Keeping it level appropriate and fun!Working side by side with Dr. Duncan and Rosemary Havel. Duncan Havel Studios. private lessons on piano, trombone voiceRosemary Havel , teacher Duncan Havel Studios, Yeah she's fun! member of WSMTA, 25 years experience Piano and theory teacherConfidence building , working together, keeping it real. Experienced teachers makes all the difference.She's not alone! We have your back in performance and practice! You just can't see us, but we are here always to develop your skills and artistry . SlideShow
Concert hall/ teaching space. Kid friendly lessons on piano trombone and voice

Our World, your songs are a great match at Duncan Havel Studios Piano brass and voice lessons

The main teaching studio Lots of books new and old, Classes and private lessons take place in this studio.
Piano, brass and voice lessons. Kent Washington.

Lessons help you be your best.Trombone lessons and ensembles Lessons for 2  classes, experienced teacher.

Teaching repertoire for piano shown here. Full teaching library includes piano, trombone, trumpet, voice .
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